Holistic Perspectives

Together, we take into consideration the "holistic approach" (whole person) incorporating mind, body and spirit.  Holistic approaches are completely up to the individual; choosing one or more healing methods to meet your needs and goals,  offering encouragement, support and knowledge. Gain life satisfaction!

Health Savings Accounts accepted!

Concierge Online Coaching

Take control of your life, find more satisfaction, Transform your life!

Transformational Life Coaching

*Coaching sessions are not covered by insurance, however, they are covered by: Flex Spending Accounts (FLEX) & Health Savings Accounts (HSA). ** All services provided as Transformational Life Coaching, not psychotherapy. Ages: adult (18 - elder). Female & male. Please note, Serious Mental Illness', are NOT appropriate for Coaching, (example: schizophrenia, paranoid psychotic disorders, etc).