Online Therapy

Professionals (60-90 min)

Concierge Online Coaching: Ideal for those who want to avoid the perception of public or professional stigma of seeking help. Online HIPAA approved  teleconference sessions, secure, confidential and never recorded. Early morning hours available beginning at 7am MST specifically for you!

Individual Coaching Session (60 - min)

Coaching sessions are a safe and supportive space for personal growth and change to take place – a journey of self-exploration  we take together.  As a Coach, I will share observations and ask questions that assist to the achievement of your individual goals!  

Couples Relationship Coaching (60-90 min)

We are hard wired to attach through relationships, attachment with others is innate. The main reason that people seek sessions are related to  problems with relationships. Such problems might  arise at home, at work, or they might appear as a general feeling of  not fitting in. Relationships are all around us, relationship with  others not only intimately.   

Family Session (60 - min)

The family unit if not working smoothly will affect the entire family dynamic. Families are comprised of many varieties, including blended families. The inner circle of immediate family quickly extends to  in-laws, grandparents and other extended family members.

As each family is different, sessions will be individualized for that families needs!

Transformational Life Coaching (60 min)

Transformational Life Coaching a step beyond traditional psychotherapy, to a higher level of functioning.   ~Emotional Distress ~Relational Discord ~Life  Exploration & Satisfaction ~Communication Effectiveness ~Childhood  Sexual Abuse  ~Sobriety Coaching (addictions, behavioral, substance,  sexual) 

Metaphysical Coaching Session (60 min)

As an Intuitive Metaphysician, I bring insight and 12 years of experience  as a psychotherapist (now practicing solely as a Transformational Life  Coach) .

  • *Consciousness Awaking
  • *Guided Meditation - Individualized and personalized
  • *Healing - cord cutting
  • *Spiritual Counseling

Online Therapy Appointments

If you need an appointment today!

All appointments scheduled online are automatically spaced 6 hours from now. If you need to meet sooner, please call to schedule.

You may also schedule online below, for appointments at least 24 hrs from now.