Transformational Life Coaching

For the past 12 years I have been involved with healing the human heart, not with the precision of a surgeon's hands, rather by taking witness to other's pain. Together we have taken the journey of healing, breaking free from the emotional bonds that hold us taking flight and achieving emotional freedom! 


Mind, Body Spirit are all utilized in the process that I employ. The subconscious/unconscious hold our memories and beliefs, including the limiting beliefs that we took to be true when an emotion first appeared. For example, a child of 5 may assume his parents divorce is because he was bad. This is a self-limiting belief (belief frozen in time) that he may have held true until middle age, and affecting his own relationships.  Addressing these limited beliefs involve unprocessed emotions and traumas, as well as unresolved developmental stages (Erickson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development). Transformation through activating self-healing incorporates the Chakra System, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Homeopathy, Essential Oils, and Epigenetics. 

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves, you will learn how to incorporate daily practice that will continue replacing limiting beliefs with discernment, resilience, and so much more!

Transformational life coaching removes the pathological or pathogenic aspects that the medical disease model of  mental disorders prescribes. No longer is the client viewed as ill with a diagnosis in need of treatment. 

*LGBTQ Friendly

*HSA accepted

Concierge Online Coaching

Medical, legal, science professions

Concierge Online Coaching: Ideal for professionals and executives who want to avoid the perception of public or professional stigma for seeking help. Online HIPAA approved teleconference sessions, secure, confidential and never recorded.  Transformational coaching is a process of implementing critical thinking  into action, by testing hypothesis, and applying analytical thinking. Trained  as a *psychotherapist, I've come to find Transformational Coaching to be a step beyond traditional psychotherapy, to a higher level of functioning!    (7am-7pm MST)


Concierge Online Coach

Alternatives in Counseling: holistic perspectives

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